About Us

Moving Stars Sydney are definitely one of the biggest movers and removalists in Sydney and a couple of our standout elements include our upfront pricing, and tailor-made budget plans for every type of move and we also offer the best value we can for the pricing or budget you opt for in your moving.

Essentially, we offer two types of packages, basic and full-service elite packages and you could choose whichever accordingly.

Our removals and moving service is carried out in a precision order. There is a lot of planning, organizing, and preparation that goes into each and every move. And this is in spite of the type or size of moving. Because every move requires a plan in place and not to miss it has to be carefully supervised and experts are required at site to anticipate and handle any potential problems, issues, or untoward occurrences.

Also our staff members are skilled, come with the industry experience, are certified and come with the backing the job requires.

We use the latest equipments, gears and gadgets so as to accelerate and carryout a smooth, without an incident move.

A couple of our key takeaways include:

  • For Moving Stars Sydney, 'customers' are kings'. And therefore, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.
  • And it is all the more emphasised in the Service Awards and recognitions we have received from Womo, good, encouraging reviews online, and our work in general as we have a good customer base of returning customers.
  • We believe in planning our every move. And thereby, when it comes to your moving and removals, we think through everything, right from the packaging to loading, unloading and delivering your goods to your new place.
  • Our staff members are caring, considerate, and experienced and know how important your things are for you and we will take a lot of care to deliver it in pristine condition.
  • Furniture removals, piano removals, vintage furniture, curios, porcelain collections, artefacts, you name it and our elite services unit have the experience in carrying out these removals.
  • All our staff members undergo the requisite training and we give them a detailed walkthrough of how we want a removal or a move to be carried out.
  • We offer all services related to moving and it makes it super easy to move. Just let us do the entire job for you.
  • As part of a local moving, to will help you move in Victoria and as part of our interstate removal, we can even move your things to SA.
  • We operate trucks in different sizes to carry out your moving. Depending upon the type of moving, a fleet of 4Ton to 16Ton vehicles are what we employ.
  • As part of your moving, Moving Stars Sydney help pack, unpack, and if required, even move your things to a storage facility.

You can call us on 0283859967 or write to us at sales@movingstarssydney.com.au.

And we at Moving Stars Sydney can most definitely say that our removals service is professionally, customised and a complete removals and moving service.

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