Moving Tips

Tips to aid your Moving

We at Moving Stars Sydney have been in this business for a while now and know the dos and don’ts, the can dos and cannot and the must dos and must nots.

And accordingly, we have categorised our tips to help you Move accordingly.

How to Pack your Boxes before Moving

  • Do not overload your Moving boxes and always seal it tightly before the moving or removal.
  • If you have potted plants, then care should be given to pack the bottom of your potted plants with plastic bags and only then should you place them in a box.
  • Always see to that you put the heavier stuff or items in smaller boxes.
  • Furniture, vintage stuff, and items that can get damaged, chipped or scratched when moving, should always be wrapped in bubble wrap and/or moving blankets.
  • Any glassware, curios, knick-knacks, mirrors, paintings, and other delicate and expensive items should be packed individually and separately and wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped with cardboard.

A few tips on how to save money when moving

  • Here are a few tips to help you save money when you are moving.
  • In fact, it is always better to be prepared in advance when you know you are moving or have to move. That way, savings are assured and you also end up saving a lot more because you have time and you can plan in advance.
  • Do not pack boxes to the brim or fill it up more than required.
  • Pack boxes adequately and that way, your boxes won't give way during transport and will not damage your things.
  • It would save a lot of time and is a lot cheaper to pack clothes in wardrobe boxes or even leave it in the cupboards that way, you don't have to pack them separately or put them in boxes.
  • Depending upon the type of move, you plan your packing also accordingly and speak to different removals companies and understand their prices and services. If you choose a removalist who would serve your purpose in both requirements and budget, nothing like it and you save a lot of money in turn.
  • If you can, move on weekdays, as compared to weekends, as it is cheaper to move on weekdays.
  • Before moving and before the movers come in, try and do whatever you can in terms of time-saving and also time taken to pack and move is lesser.

And here are some basic moving tips you can follow

  • When packing each box, it would be advisable to name boxes according to what they contain, or use other naming conventions which are either numerical or also marked based on the rooms they were in.
  • Always mark boxes. This is a safe and prudent practice. When you mark boxes and name them 'Fragile' or 'This side up', you can be sure that the boxes will be placed and moved correctly or in the right direction.
  • When packing heavier stuff, always keep them in the bottom and then finish off with lighter items like light clothes, towels or even fur toys.
  • Based on the type of items or things, plan the boxes accordingly in terms of size, strength, and type.

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