Self-Storage Service

Are you thinking of a self-storage service that comes to your doorstep and helps you move? Or are you looking for a mobile self storage unit? If you want a self-storage unit, then speak to Moving Stars Sydney. We have a mobile self-storage service readily available right at your disposal.

Accordingly, if you are looking at a mobile self-storage service, then we will deliver one to your place. You can pack and load your things and we will deliver to the place of your choice. It works great for a removal to a storage facility or even a local move, an interstate relocation or it could be a house removal.

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House Removals

For House removals, if you are looking for a dependable removal company, then it is Moving Stars Sydney.

We have the knowhow, the backup, the expertise and the professionals to carry out the house moving you would always like and appreciate. Whatever be the things, the furniture, we see to that it is a thorough, no room for anything going amiss kind of work. We even have our own trucks and transport which are also perfectly outfitted with floor covers, padding and fasteners and straps to hold your things and furniture securely.

On the other hand, extreme care is taken when handling your electronic goods, your mattresses and more. If you would like to know more about our house removals, 0283859967 or write to us at

Moving Storage Items

Moving your things to a storage facility is common and happens due to many reasons. Reasons could be a temporary moving or you are having an interstate move or you are moving to a smaller place, whatever be your reasons, you have to move a couple things to storage, and you need to find a good, safe, secure storage facility for your things.

But if you are moving things to storage, packing is also different and you need to be aware of the packing, moving and storing your things in the storage space. And that is something we at Moving Stars Sydney will carry out perfectly because we know how the packing and the moving to a storage facility is carried out.

To know more, call us on, 0283859967 or write to us at

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